VirtualRx For Kids

Building healthy, trusting relationships with kids and their families is important to every pediatric health caregiver. It’s an essential first step to helping children develop critical preventive health care habits that will last a lifetime. 

But sometimes fear and anxiety get in the way. Nervousness about needles, blood tests or uncomfortable and painful procedures can cause unnecessary trauma for pediatric patients, and even delay caregivers’ important work. VRx for Kids software is designed specifically for comfort during pediatric procedures that create anxiety, however small.

Whether it’s helping a young patient through a chemo treatment at the pediatric oncologist’s office, filling a cavity at the dentist’s office, stitching up a playdate accident at the Children’s Hospital emergency room, or routine vaccines and blood draws at the pediatrician’s office, VRx For Kids help clinicians make health care experiences more comfortable and less frightening, allowing them to deliver the best treatment efficiently and compassionately.

Axon Virtual Health’s VRx For Kids immerses patients in an engaging sensory environment where they can participate in a game controlled by slight head movements, freeing medical staff to focus on the task at hand. 

Housed in a “marshmallow soft” headset, VRx For Kids is ideal for pediatric health care settings. Its comfortable and comforting material is unbreakable, adjustable and antimicrobial.

VirtualRX For Kids is available for purchase. Please contact us to order yours or to request a demo at your practice.